Renshinkan London was founded and is led by Sensei Tom Abbosh. Tom commenced his training under Kyoshi Julia in 2003. He is a third-degree black belt who regularly competes and trains in the Far East. Tom has won numerous Renshinkan England kata titles over the years and is passionate about sharing the lifelong benefits of traditional karate practice.
London dojo follows the teachings of Isamu Tamotsu, founder of Shorinjiryu Renshinkan, and Iwao Tamotsu 10th Dan Grand Master. We are an honourable and skilful karate school with true depth of character, based upon the ancient wisdom of Okinawan budo.
Sensei Tom prioritises heart, family and compassion in karate, three instrumental pinnacles of the Renshinkan school worldwide. The London dojo is a friendly environment welcoming all who wish to learn this martial art. Be it for fitness, confidence or peace of mind, our doors are open to all.